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2020-03-25 Tabular Data null
Vibration measurements on a rotating shaft at different unbalance strengths

Mey, Oliver; Neudeck, Willi et al.

This dataset contains vibration data recorded on a rotating drive train. This drive train consists of an electronically commutated DC motor and a shaft driven by it, which passes through a roller bearing. With the help of a 3D-printed holder, unba...

2020-04-01 Tabular Data Fraunhofer ISE
Repräsentative empirische Erhebung zur Investitionsbereitschaft in PV-Batteriesysteme

Berneiser, Jessica; Senkpiel, Charlotte et al.

The data set comprises data from a representative empirical survey, in which the investment behaviour of private individuals (homeowners) in PV battery systems was investigated. A combination of questionnaire and Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) w...

2020 Other Fraunhofer IPM
HoloPort – design and integration of a digital holographic 3-D sensor in machine tools

Seyler, Tobias; Engler, Johannes et al.

Supplementary data to the design and integration of the digital holographic 3-D sensor HoloPort: Interferometric vibration measurements inside a machine tool, evaluations of the sensor's data processing and transfer speed, temperature stability an...

2020-01 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IPA
A novel non-invasive, non-conductive method for measuring respiration

Ringkamp, Jan; Radler, Philipp et al.

Accompanying datasets to the article "A novel non-invasive, non-conductive method for measuring Respiration" published in the Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems by the same authors as this data sets.

2019-11-28 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IPK
Chiller System Simulation and Optimization

Thiele, Gregor; Clauss, Rico et al.

The data set contains a simulation of a cooling plant, data from this simulation and some detailed optimization results.

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