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2020 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IWM
Numerical simulations and infrared camera measurements of temperature distributions in laser powde...

Bierwisch, Claas; Mohseni-Mofidi, Seyyid Shoya et al.

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations in two dimensions are used to calculate the transient melt pool temperature distribution in the laser powder bed fusion process of polymers. The effects of laser power, scan speed, hatch distance, absorp...

2020-11 Source Code Fraunhofer ISE
remUCPS - rate equation model of upconversion dynamics including photonic structure effects

Hofmann, Clarissa Lea Maja; Eriksen, Emil Haldrup et al.

The remUCPS library provides an object-oriented implementation of a rate equation model, describing the upconversion dynamics in the upconverter Erbium in the host crystal NaYF4. Additonally, the model features the effects of a photonic structure,...

2020 Other Fraunhofer IWES
FE-simulated bearing load distributions for different load cases of the IWT7.5 turbine

Schleich, Florian; Menck, Oliver

This dataset contains the bearing load distributions of different load cases of a third rotor star FE-model of the IWES Wind Turbine 7.5, which is a 7.5 MW nearshore turbine model. Using combinations of the resulting blade moment, the angle of sai...

2020 Tabular Data Fraunhofer IOSB
Open Research Data Pilot - BTDC

Herzog, Reinhard; Summers, Jon et al.

The BodenType Data Center One has been operational since January 2019. The data center has 3 PODS which are configured with slight variations in the fresh air-based cooling systems. The datasets that have been collected since operation commenced i...

2020-04-15 Textual Data Fraunhofer ISE
Befragung zum individuellen Flugverhalten innerhalb Deutschlands und Europas

Berneiser, Jessica; Senkpiel, Charlotte

The data set includes results of a survey on flight behaviour on domestic German and European distances. 2530 persons participated in the study, which is representative for Germany with regard to the following parameters: gender, age, educational ...